Officially a Raven Bookstore author!

Guess what? Lawrence’s own little slice of heaven, the Raven Bookstore, now has my books available for purchase on their shelves! Below you can see my first collection, A Kiss for a Dead Film Star (second to the right from the Apparitions book). My second book is currently on re-order, but its glorious pink cover will soon be visible again alongside the first. This is so exciting! I’ve been a Raven stan since forever, and this truly means everything.

Author Reading!

Hey friends! Stop by Vibe Lawrence later this month for a reading from my new book, Death Comes for the Trophy Wife, as well as selected readings from Tasha Haas and Vic Peterson, who are both excellent. Admission is free, and there will be a cash bar. Hope to see you there!

Read Books, Don’t Ban Them

I have been increasingly disturbed by all the book banning happening these days, particularly given the emphasis on removing holocaust- and LGBTQ+-themed books from library shelves. I wrote a short essay on the subject, which appears in The Lawrence Times. Take a look when you have a chance. I know everything is a dumpster fire right now, but this stuff is too important to ignore.

Launch Day!

Today is the day! Thank you all so much for your patience and your support. I am absolutely thrilled about this gorgeous-looking collection.


Just received my ARCs (Advance Review Copies)! They are gorgeous—beyond words. Click the link below to pre-order one of these lovelies. Pre-order Today!

Coming Soon!!

We’re getting very close! Coming October 26, 2021.

Cover Art is In!!

Check out this gorgeous 70s-inflected cover art for Death Comes for the Trophy Wife! I could not be more pleased with it.

Excellent News!

I’d like to share some excellent news! This winter, Brain Mill Press will be publishing a collection of my short stories. The centerpiece of the collection will be one of my very favorite stories, “Pavane for a Dead Film Star,” which is about Rudolph Valentino and dimensional shifts and all sorts of other fun stuff. The press even sent me a t-shirt, so I think this is really going to happen. Woooooo!!!! 😀 P.S. This all happened a month or so ago, but I have…

Oz-sploitation Nation

(This piece aired on Kansas Public Radio in early August.) This year marks the 65th anniversary of film version of The Wizard of Oz, and I’d like to say once and for all–I hate this film. I’m done with it, and not just because of the saccharine sweet songs or the nightmarish set designs, which are like German Expressionism gone horribly wrong. No, I hate The Wizard of Oz because of what it has done to this state. The thing is, you can’t go to…